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Hotels and Resorts who wants to build new client partnerships with tour operators and develop strategies to use technology for increased business.

Tour Operators who want to expand their business with the help of the latest technology and build partnership with major hotels and resorts in and around your featured tourism destinations

Online Tourism Marketing Managers who want to develop their tourism marketing endeavors to new markets but can’t figure out the ones to target

  • Venue : Gokulam Convention Centre, Kochi
  • Event Date : 24 Feb 2023

09:30 AM – 10:00 AM


10:00 – 11:00

Ist Topic – How to build your online visibility through the most effective SEO

Speaker: Dipti Parmar
An experienced marketing consultant, helping SMBs to increase their digital presence and brand value with innovative SEO and content strategies. She also helps international companies looking to establish a foothold in the Indian market with digital PR initiatives. Dipti is also a columnist for leading business and tech publications such as Yahoo News, CIO.com, Entrepreneur.com and Inc.com. She has been called one of the “Top Growth Marketers” in the world by TechCrunch.

11:00 – 11:15

Tea Break

11:15 – 12:15

IInd Topic – Importance of storytelling

Speaker: Sachin Bansal
Founder and Chief Explorer of City Explorers



12:15 – 01:15

IIIrd Topic – How to create an effective online advertisement

Speaker: Dr. Seema Gupta
Digital Marketing Ex-Professor (IIM Bangalore), Author, Speaker, Consultant, Trainer, Blogger



01:15 – 02:15

Lunch Break

02:15 – 03:15

IVth Topic – How to grow your Youtube channel.

Speaker: Ivana Perkovic
Storytelling and brand building, YouTube video content creation



03:15 – 03:30

Tea Break

03:30 – 04:30

Vth Topic – Tips for creating viral Instagram reels

Speaker: Sorav Jain
Digital marketing expert, Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Entrepreneur



05:00 – 07:00