About the Conference

ATTOI (Association of Tourism Trade Organizations, India) conducted the first, second and third edition of ICTT in 2013, 2017 & 2019  to impart new online skills  to our trade partners . We are now back with the 4th edition of International Conference on Tourism Technology. This time we are going to relearn the new in technology. Slated to take place from 24th February 2023 at Gokulam Park Hotel & Convention Centre, Kochi, this would be worthy investment of time and money for a better tomorrow.

The need of ICTT India

The idea of organizing such an event arose from the rapidly changing business scenario where the tourism fraternity is heavily dependent on technology and innovations. The transformation is so fast paced that catching up to the pace has become very difficult and by the time you adapt to one, the change may have become obsolete. The changes which are happening over the web space, travel-related software, mobile applications, the turnaround of marketing and sales trends etc inspires us to share and discuss new ideas through the platform provided by the conference.

Objective of the Conference

The objective of this conference is to prepare the travel and tourism industrialists in India and neighboring countries to understand the importance of web marketing, how to use the resources available online to drive business, get inputs in adapting to the changing technology and acquiring skills to beat the competition.

What you benefit from it

ICTT India will feature eminent speakers from varied backgrounds giving talks and entertaining sessions on various tourism related topics. The idea of the conference being to help the hotels and tour operators in understanding in how to market, sell and generate business online, it would assist tour operators and travel agents to adapt to new trends and help improve generating enquiries and scaling up conversion levels. It would also be a platform for Travel Technology companies who have developed new software and mobile applications to showcase their product and discuss improvements and innovations.

It would help all those who are looking to understand how the travel technology trend was in the past, is today and will be in future. It will be super charged 2 days of insights for the experts as well as the amateurs. Besides it will be great opportunity to network with the best of the best in the trade. It would also be an opportunity to interact and link with highly-experienced speakers belonging to various nationalities and varied areas of expertise. Please note that only limited seats are available; so don’t miss the opportunity; ensure your place in this one-of-a-kind conference as soon as possible!

Who Should Attend?

Who wants to build new client partnerships with tour operators and develop strategies to use technology for increased business.

Who want to expand their business with the help of the latest technology and build partnership with major hotels and resorts in and around your featured tourism destinations

Who want to develop their tourism marketing endeavors to new markets but can’t figure out the ones to target